Hi, I am Jiwon Chang, a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Rochester. Welcome to my personal website! Its URL and my online handle jwpedia stands for jiwon's encyclopedia.

I'm from South Korea: my name Jiwon means “wise beauty” in its Chinese roots, and “support” in its Korean pronunciation.

I have a competitive mathematics background and minor in mathematics. My current academic obsessions are visual computing and contemporary geometry. I post about interesting findings and personal explorations in these topics.

I'm also interested in techno criticism, in particular the intersection of technology with our daily lives. I occasionally write for the university newspaper as a technology columnist.

You won't find me on social media. You can leave an email at blog@jwpedia.com instead for any questions or comments. You may also subscribe to new posts via the form in the website's footer.

I site sources as thoroughly as possible. Feel free to contact me if you believe there are omissions. If you want to use my post, please attribute the URL and leave me an email. I'll be happy to know that you found my post useful.

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