Hi, I am JWChang, an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester studying B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Mathematics. Welcome to my personal blog!

This website’s URL, JWPedia, stands for JeeWoong chang’s Personal encyclopEDIA. I’ve been using it as my email address for a long time, with the idea that people should go to an encyclopedia to hear from the world, and contact me at this address to hear from me. Now, you can visit my website to read about my thoughts.

I write about a wide range of interests spanning technology, biological sciences, media criticism, and simple, intentional living. I am particularly interested in how to leverage technology in an intentional manner to facilitate a meaningful life.

You won’t find me on social media. If you have anything to say, leave an email at hello@jwpedia.com.

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All posts are my original content, and they are all open. That means you can use them for any purpose. I won’t chase after you if you use a post to earn a million dollars or make Reddit memes. I simply would ask for attribution as a matter of basic human decency. (Note: Only my blog posts are. My other contents are not, unless otherwise specified.)