Jiwon's Encyclopedia

I'm an existentialist. I don't believe that there is a grand meaning or justice. I face the uncaring, endless, cold universe. Yet I am an optimist at heart.

I am optimistic that people will continue the endless, futile endeavor of turning previleges to rights. I have conviction that, given a long enough stretch of time, the rights of individuals will tend to expand. Even in times when the course of my own era seems bleak, I believe in the ability of my contemporaries and the future generations to turn it around.

I truly wish that my descendants on Earth will scorn at me the way we currently scorn at our forebearers. I wish they pay me as much respect as I pay to the slave-owning imperialists of the past. For that would mean moral standards have risen. That would mean that forthcoming generations are struggling to fix the mistakes that we don't even realize we're making at the moment.

No matter how much we try, fundamental human problems may never be solved. I doubt any religion, medicine, or political ideology could remedy the baggage of our evolutionary past. Yet I have the conviction that the superficial human problems, the problems that need not exist yet still perpetuates, will tend to diminish. At the very least, I wish that the standard of petty problems that people grapple with, will elevate.

When all the above fails, I have faith that life will find a way. If - or when - humans go extinct like is the fate of any dominant species, more biodiversity will arise in the face of a battered Earth. When Earth gets engulfed by the Sun, somewhere else in this universe life will kindle. Even if no living soul remembers me or the fate of my species or the planet, I shall die peacefully knowing that consciousness will arise again.

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