The web is ephemeral. It’s entirely the responsibility of the creators to keep on paying for domain and hosting fees for websites that likely won’t help recoup the costs. Even corporate-run websites that are monetarily motivated to stay online will go down if it’s no longer profitable.

That’s one reason why you’re totally free to download any webpage on this website for your own use, whether that be personal or commercial. I simply ask for attribution as a matter of basic human decency. I archive my favorite webpages locally using the SingleFile extension all the time. Everyone else should be able to do the same for this website. These local copies of webpages give the web longevity through a sort of herd immunity - the web’s favorite webpages get preserved. It’s one preemptive measure to prevent the onset of a digital dark age.

The other reason is that I want the return of a more open web. I believe the internet is at its best the less corporate gardens there are. I like the free sharing of information and opinions, and opening up my own content is a small step forward. I like internet memes and Youtube remixes, and it’s a shame that technically speaking they breach copyright laws. As someone that grew up reaping the benefits of the loose nature of internet copyright enforcement, I feel responsible to not impose onto my own content the same ridiculous standards.

In short, this article is open to make the web a little better place.